TR-ILL Reservation & Key Set Check-out and Check-in Procedure

TR-ILL Reservation Calendar

Reservation & Sign-OUT/IN Sheet For Trading Room Key Set

The faculty and staff members of College of Business, Jackson State University are welcome to make reservation requests for using the TR-ILL (Trading Room-Interdisciplinary Learning Laboratory) at COB 232 on a first come, first served basis, assuming that usage of the Trading Room is for incorporating the TR-ILL facilities, using “Telemet” in particular, in course curricula.

Step 1: The reservation calendar is accessible by clicking on

Please look at the TR-ILL Reservation Calendar above and check unreserved time and date in the calendar.

Step 2: Email your reservation request to me at least one week in advance or as soon as possible.

Just email me your reservation request in the following format:
Date(s), Beginning time and Ending time, Your name-Course i.d.
If recurring, send me the repeating pattern with beginning and ending dates:
Sept. 29 (Tue), 1:00pm~2:20pm, John Smith-Eco 211-01, recurring on every Tuesday till December 10, 2015 (or Non-recurring).

Upon receiving your specific details, I will enter your reservation(s) in the calendar.

Step 3: Check your confirmed reservation(s) in the updated calendar within 48 hours.

Step 4: Then, about 5 minutes before each reserved time, come to Ms. Ella King, Secretary of Dept. of EFGB, 1) date and sign your name in the Sign-out Signature column of the Sign-OUT/IN Sheet For Trading Room Key Set, (Do NOT check out the key set too early before reserved times of others); 2) pick up the key set from Ms. King,

Step 5: IMMEDIATELY after using the trading room, make sure to lock both of two room doors, come back to Ms. King’s office, return the key set, date and sign your name in the Sign-IN column.

I look forward to receiving reservation requests for using the trading room.

Notes: The key set means the TR-ILL key with a log-in info tag containing log-in passwords for 24 workstations, one host station, and one Mondopad. The instructor is fully responsible for the integrity, security, safety of all participants and equipment while using the lab.


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